KChess Elite

KChess Elite - Program for playing chess. For convenience, you can customize almost everything: color, size and shape of the figure, size, coloring and texture of the chess board (no texture, granite, marble, wood), Language, control panel and fonts. Tooltips as easier to manage and prevent confusion in a variety of options. Level of difficulty: the time for reflection, depth rendering position limits for the computer - all can be optimally configured for players of all skill levels. Especially useful program will be for beginners chess and chess players of intermediate level. Playing chess with KChess Elite, you can undo, repeat, review any progress in the party, as well as at the time of trouble, get a clue from the computer.

It is similar to other games, MineCraft or even online Tetris because you can play against the computer, against another person and, eventually, to see how the computer plays with itself. KChess Elite can analyze the position of a given arrangement of shapes that are sometimes very helpful in solving complex chess problems and studies.

Play Chess online with computer!

Download KChess Elite


Download KChess Elite

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