Luxor - the game of the same type as that of Zuma Deluxe. But not the same ... If you shoot quite quickly, you usually have time to get rid of one portion of balls before rolling out another. And the "shooter" now sits in the center of the screen, and the type of racket breakout moves along the bottom edge of his ... The level ends when the bar at the bottom of the screen will be golden.


Bonuses in this game than in Zume, and they do not appear on the beads, and (again, as well as a breakout), drop out after a particularly successful hits. Read the readme for detailed acquaintance with the properties of bonuses. Also, be careful - when you shoot with game balls, pushing her Scarab falls down a gem - must catch - it brings a lot of points. Gold coins, which will also fall, to catch now is imperative, because here they add you extra lives (not the number of points). 1 life for 30 coins - try!

Download Luxor


Download Luxor

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