Tom and Jerry

Poor Jerry - he is so hungry that he went to search for a cheese even asleep! Help him to have a snack and to get home safe. Make a way through the room with the help of cheese-arrows. You have to collect as many peaces of cheese as possible and to get home then. Don't forget about the key! Use springs and magic teleporters to avoid holes and traps on your way. Remember - when Jerry hits the wall, he turns around and goes back. You have five tries - mark the way and go! Finish all levels of this interesting game and become a champion!

How to play

After loading press START. The aim of the game - to mark a way from one door to another for a sleepy Jerry, collecting peaces of cheese, keys and avoiding traps. Drag cheese-arrows with the left button of a mouse and put them into the right place on the floor. Use springs for jumping over obstacles. It is not so important to use all tools that you have - the most important is to gain your aim! When the way is ready - press the red button START. Remember - you have just 5 tries. A tip: if Jerry hits the wall and goes to the opposite direction - you can use this trick on some levels. Enjoy your game!

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Download Tom and Jerry


Download Tom and Jerry

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