Сar Stunt Races Mega Ramps

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The online game "Car Stunts 2" will be a godsend for all born stuntmen and notorious thrill-seekers who are obsessed with adrenaline. This time you are waiting for the killing race on the brink of death. Ready to ride on the edge of a knife? Then go! For stunt antics in the game, a whole fleet of eight cool cars is in store. Here you will find sports cars and monster trucks. The first car is available for free, and you need to earn money for the rest. In the game, you are invited to rush along the road from containers hovering in the air, doing tricks. One awkward movement and you will fall into the abyss. Make crazy jumps from trampolines and try to land on a narrow lane. Drive through the rings. In general, enjoy the tricks.

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