1001 Arabian Nights 5: Sinbad the Seaman

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“Three in a row: the ancient jewels of Persia” is an old logic puzzle, one of those on which the beautiful Scheherazade honed her sharpness of mind. It is not known by what miracle her favorite mysteries entertainment has survived to this day. It will help us to find out all the secrets of the Egyptian queen. After launching, an old Persian engraving will appear on the screen, and on it is a board with ancient jewels – ancient jewels. Scheherazade liked to lay out treasures in a certain way, trying to get them off the board. Try to do the same. Swap adjacent decorations so as to collect rows of three or more identical stones. They will disappear, bringing you points. The goal of Match 3: Ancient Jewels of Persia is to clear the board and earn enough points to advance to the next stage.