Amys New Look

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The goal of our colorful dress up and makeup game is to help the heroine get ready for a chic evening party. Attire and make-up must be appropriate for the event. Down with false modesty and restraint! Chic, glitter, glamour, and defiant luxury in huge quantities – this is your recipe for success for tonight. Nails are the longest, eyelashes are the fluffiest, arrows are the blackest, and lipstick is the brightest. However, proceed with caution. Despite the fact that pretentiousness in this case is not only appropriate, but also necessary, no one has canceled a sense of style and good taste. In order for even the most picky make-up gurus to be satisfied with your online make-up, follow a few simple rules: 1. Focus on one thing. If you want to emphasize your eyes more, paint your lips with soft, transparent lipstick. If you strongly darkened and highlighted your lips, make your eye makeup more gentle and blurry. 2. Combine shades of the same tone with each other: cold with cold, warm with warm. 3. Apply blush on the cheekbones very carefully. Be careful not to get the effect of the heroine of the fairy tale "Morozko", who rubbed her cheeks with beets. 4. Shadows in color should be combined not only with the iris, but also with a shade of the chosen outfit. Games Dress up and makeup are different. Not all of you will need to create a festive, evening make-up. If you need to come up with a make-up for an everyday look, all colors should be much more modest. Instead of a blood-red lacquer – a transparent pink, instead of a juicy wine lipstick – a barely noticeable shine.