Angry Worms

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The essence of the Slitherio game with skins is no different from the "classics" of the genre – As in the original, the gamer will have to control a small worm devouring multi-colored dust scattered across the screen. The more he eats, the faster he will grow, but the more difficult it will become to control his long, curving tail in different directions. And it is necessary to do so. After all, the main difficulty of the Slitherio game is not to earn cool skins, although this is not easy, but to not accidentally hurt yourself or other worms. There are a huge number of these swallows darting around. And, by the way, pay attention: if you get tired and even for a second let go of the mouse that controls the worm, the next time you take it, your ward will begin to move several times faster.

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