BattleStick 2

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The online game "BattleStick 2" invites gamers to join the grandiose battles of Stickmen in a multiplayer io war game. In the world of stick men "BattleStick 2" wars broke out in which you can distinguish yourself with victories. The game offers 2 interesting modes. In the free "Free-For-All" you need to destroy all rivals in the location and become the leader. In such battles "BattleStick 2" can fight up to 10 gamers. In the second "Conquer" you have to act as a conqueror and go to capture the fortresses of enemy Stickmen. In this mod, large-scale wars are prepared for you, in which up to 32 participants can be cut. Initially, the Stick is armed with a bow, so archery skirmishes are waiting for you. But then in the game it will turn out to open new heroes and various weapons.

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