Bob The Robber 3

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Bob the robber 3 – another cool arcade game about a thief named Bobby. Our main character has already reached a new professional level and now he receives orders from serious organizations. This time, he will "work" in a secret laboratory. Collect batteries along the way so that you have the opportunity to save yourself at each level in special "time capsules". Each save requires five batteries. You can stun your opponents from behind. Find keys, codes and gadgets to open all doors! Robber Bob dreamed about the fate of the villain since childhood and trained hard to learn how to skillfully steal money from rich people. And, finally, he waited for the right moment to test his skills in action. A thief goes to a high-rise building to rob all the local offices and apartments, and you need to help him organize a robbery. Of course, this will not be easy to do. It will take all your ingenuity and dexterity to win the game Robber Bob, because potential victims have taken care of protecting their property. Basic Rules Use the arrow keys to move the thief left or right. As soon as the thief gets in the way of a closet or other item that can store money, check its contents so as not to miss a penny. Navigate through rooms and floors using doors, stairs and elevators. Sometimes you will come across bolts on which a regular or combination lock hangs. Dexterity and ingenuity will help to deal with each of them. Ordinary locks are broken with master keys, and for code locks you will have to pick up four treasured numbers in order to be able to move on. Your task in the online game Robber Bob is not only to find the money, but also to get to the place marked with a green arrow. Try not to get caught on the sights of surveillance cameras, otherwise you may be captured. If this happens, just stand still in the shadows until the danger has passed. Then you can continue to rob the house further. Pay attention to the notes on the walls, they contain important clues. Beware of the security robots, they can catch Bobo, and then the prison is guaranteed to him. It's good that the hero has a strong bat. It can disable robots.

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