Bomb It 4

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During the game for two Bomb it 4 (bomb it 4) you have to deal with real bombs. Here you will control a funny character who knows a lot about explosive devices. He has a certain number of bombs, and you need to use them in such a way as to get rid of all the opponents on the level. The game consists of a large number of stages, on each of them you have to plant bombs, freeing your way. And when he is free – blow up opponents! Often, a variety of bonus items will appear on the playing field that will help you deal with your opponents faster. These can be extra lives, bombs, shields and other useful things, as well as weapons that will allow you to destroy the enemy without using an explosion. Also, sometimes you can find a vehicle that will allow you to move around the location faster. Keep in mind that you won't always need to just kill the enemies. The game has four options for the development of the event, and you can choose the appropriate game mode immediately after launch. There you can specify the number of players and the number of opponents. You can play a cool toy Blast it 4 alone or together! Four modes As mentioned above, the game has four game modes. The first of them is to destroy all rivals, when choosing the second one, you will need to kill 10 enemies. There are also modes in which the destruction of opponents is not the main goal. In them you need to collect coins or paint the territory.

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