Bomb It 6

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During the game for two players Blast it 10, incredible adventures await you. Stock up on bombs! Immediately after launch, you will need to select the mode that seems most attractive to you. So, during the arcade, you just need to kill all the enemies. The "Cool showdown" mode means that you have to get rid of ten opponents. If you choose the “Green Zone” option, then in order to win, you will need to occupy a certain territory. Another interesting mode – "till the loss of the pulse", fully justifies its name: you need to stay in the game as long as possible. And you can also turn on the option in which you need to look for treasures! In the passage of the game Blow it up 10, various bonus items will help you. They will appear on locations in random places, the player can only pick them up. Thanks to bonuses, you can get, for example, an extra life, a shield, speed, and much more. Particularly attractive is the weapon that allows you to destroy enemies without the use of bombs.

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