Bomb It 7

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A grand event will take place in the world of bombermen: the championship in explosive war games is being held. Launch the free online game "Blow it up for two for two" with the passage in Russian and take part in an incredible military tournament. 8 baby robots will compete for the Blow It Up Gold Cup. Which of them will become the winner depends on your skill as a demoman and your combat skills. By tradition, the game "Blow it up on 2 on 7" will offer a lot of interesting variations so that the talents of notorious bombers have a place to turn around. As usual, you can fight alone or go to the front for two with a friend. There are also many types of competitions. The first is the famous classic of all “Blow it up”: the arcade offers a maze battle for bonuses. The gameplay of the 7th part of the game is standard: just plant bombs and blow them up. The second invites you to a brutal showdown in which you need to kill 10 opponents. Here you need to cope with various missions. The version will appeal to fans of shooters. And two more gamers are waiting for "Pac-man", hunting for stars and "Snowman" for freezing enemies. Both boys and girls will like to play “Blow it up 7 for two for free” games, as it is always a sea of positive and good mood.

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