Bomber io

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During the game Bomb it (bomb it) you will fight monsters with the help of explosives. The game consists of a large number of levels, and on each of them you will see some funny monsters. You need to try to quickly get rid of them, that is, to make them fly away from the playing field. To do this, it is proposed to use powerful explosives. Lay it in such places that the characters of the game are carried away by the blast wave. The amount of explosives is limited, so you should carefully consider each of your actions so as not to make a mistake and not waste bombs in vain. However, even if you fail to deal with the monsters on any level, you can always start it again and place the bombs more efficiently. With each subsequent stage, the game will become more and more difficult, but thanks to it you will be able to puzzle over spatial puzzles, which is a very useful activity. Any game location on which the characters are located is a complex structure and it is worth thinking carefully about how to act in this or that case. Super fun activity It's safe to say that you'll enjoy playing the interesting game Blow It Up. It allows you not only to have fun chasing monsters around the screen, but also gives you the opportunity to strain your brains, which is never superfluous. And don't let too much explosives scare you, because the explosions are supposed to be only virtual and not scary at all.

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