Bottle Jump

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The game "Bottle Jump" is an interesting arcade game in which you have to shoot down stars with bottle caps and cans. To start playing, press the green arrow in the center. A bottle will appear on the screen, with an asterisk above it. Click on the bottle, a cork will fly out of it and knock down a star. To pass the level, you need to eliminate all targets. With each level, the difficulty of the game will increase. Not 1, 2, but 3 bubbles will appear on the pedestals. Please note that after the shot, the bubbles begin to fall. If one falls on the other, then you will not be able to hit the target and the level will fail. Therefore, carry out the shots in the correct sequence. To restart, use the rounded arrow on the right. Also note that the bottles shoot up and the Pepsi cans shoot sideways.

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