Combat Strike Multiplayer

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The Contra game is an exciting and exciting shooting game, the name of which is constantly on the lips of all the boys. There are practically no toys that could compare with her in popularity. Thanks to the classic shooting game Contra, you have the opportunity to feel like a sniper and a tough military man. Outside the window is 2060. Aliens attacked earthlings. You are a brave fighter from the "Contra" squad, who went to destroy the enemy. The area where the fighting takes place is quite wild: buildings are destroyed, cars are blown up, empty barrels are perforated by automatic bursts. As confirmation, a tumbleweed periodically blows by the wind, and only sniper shots remind of the harsh reality. Moving through the labyrinths of ruins, collect first-aid kits and cartridges – this is the most valuable thing that can be useful to a soldier in the war. Shoot in all directions using combat techniques and special weapons. But most importantly, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to properly fight. Strategy in this war is in the first place. The enemy is very cunning and unpredictable, so you should develop your own tactics.

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