Crazed Taxi Mad And Furious

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The new version of the game Cars in the city will appeal to all fans of racing and speed. Ready for your adrenaline rush? A great opportunity awaits you to turn into an experienced professional driver, cutting through the streets of the metropolis in a cool car. The plot of the game Cars in the city guarantees a lot of vivid emotions and buzz. Becoming a member of the game Driving around the city, you can forget about everything except the roar of the engine and the road ahead. With the help of the game Cars around the city it is easy to become a mega pro behind the wheel. Ready to start the engine in the morning and set off on a new journey through the tangled city streets and avenues? We promise that a lot of unusual events, meetings, sharp turns and other surprises are waiting ahead. You won't be bored for a second. Original graphics, convenient gameplay and a cool storyline made Cars Around the City a real adventure action game, in which you yourself can become the main participant. And this is much cooler than watching what is happening from the side: a TV screen or a computer monitor. What do we have to do? At your disposal is a nice car, with a full tank of gasoline and excellent technical characteristics. You have to drive it around the city, performing various tasks. What exactly? It is impossible to find out about this in advance, the plot is absolutely unpredictable and is formed during the game Cars around the city. The trip starts at your house, near which you get into the car and go to work in the office. And here the most interesting begins. Who will call you on the phone, ask for a ride, help, rush to the other side of the city on an important matter and complete a thousand more equally important assignments, it is impossible to predict in advance. Just as it is impossible to predict your reaction to the potential fellow travelers you meet. You can respond to the request and fulfill it, or you can move on. That's what makes this toy so attractive. The most adventure awaits you – with continuing intrigue, the effect of surprise and the absolute uncertainty of the result. Really, great? Enjoy! Control of the game Cars in the city It is very simple and convenient. Your main "tool" in this game is a mouse. With its help, move the cursor over the character or item you are going to deal with, and click. But try to do it as quickly as possible. After all, for every successful and, most importantly, timely action or task, you will be awarded bonus points. The more of them, the closer you are to victory. Another funny "trick" of the game Driving around the city is the presence of a mass of various objects and characters along the route of your car. It can be anything from a scooter following you to a traffic light on a corner or a parking cone on the roadway. Some of them are highlighted in red, others in blue. Your task is to click on them with the cursor as quickly as possible, trying to earn maximum points. Are the rules clear? Then go ahead! And we wish you good luck. In the company of the game Cars in the city, a lot of pleasant minutes await you.

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