Creatur Io

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New "Creatur io" belongs to a series of survival games from the io universe. It will take you to the world of the wild jungle, similar to the famous sandbox "Mope". You will become a small animal, the skin for which you will choose yourself. To win, try to eat more food points and avoid encounters with stronger opponents. Rules and controls It is interesting and easy to play The world around is big enough, and you will have to try not to get caught in the teeth of other characters. Bite the monster first to grab a bite for lunch more appetizing. But be extremely attentive and careful, there are a lot of hungry enemies around. Then you will become bigger and stronger, you will get additional skills. You can eat the enemy only by going from behind, but a head-on collision does not harm anyone. All movement control in the game "Creatur io" is carried out with the mouse. You can use the acquired skills with the "Q", "W" and "E" buttons. Try to run away from the big monsters and don't let them sneak up on you from behind. Then you will grow huge, no dangers will be terrible for you.

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