Draculaura Dress Up

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If among all the heroes of the animated series about the School of Monsters you like Dracula's daughter the most, then the Monster High Dress Up: Draculaura Dress Up game was created especially for you! Draculaura is not an ordinary girl! Yes, she lives an ordinary life: she goes to school, meets friends, meets a guy … But the fact that she is already 1600 years old, and her daddy is the world famous vampire Count Dracula, cannot but leave a certain imprint! As a result, her boyfriend is a werewolf Claude, and at school she studies not a simple, but a real School of Monsters! That is why we are so interested in watching her! After all, she combines both what is characteristic of an ordinary teenager girl, and something unusual, supernatural, which makes her belong to the world of magic and mysticism. It's hard to argue that Draculaura is one of the most beautiful girls in Monster High! Ah, everyone should look like that in 1600 years, how she looks! It is immediately obvious – evil spirits, without magic, witchcraft and mysticism it is impossible to be such a stunning beauty, even if you forget about age. However, I will tell you one little secret! In the stunning beauty of Draculaura, only part is determined by who she is and what appearance her parents gave her. Much more determined by the amazing taste and style in clothes that this bright and fashionable girl has! After all, it is the way clothes and accessories are chosen that determines whether Draculaura will be a daring fatal beauty or a cute and fluffy baby today. Yes, in 16 centuries one could learn to dress really cool! Yes, and Dracula, apparently, takes care of her daughter, because her wardrobe really has enough really cool clothes! Since we are talking about Draculaura's wardrobe, it is impossible not to mention that any girl can only dream of such a choice of clothes, shoes and accessories! Do you want to become a real Draculaura's girlfriend? In Monster High Dress Up: Draculaura Dress Up, you can rummage through a spacious wardrobe and, together with Draculaura, choose the right look for a romantic date or a walk after class. Make your favorite heroine exactly the way you always wanted to see her!

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