Dream Room Makeover

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The house of the Winx beauties urgently needs a general cleaning! Help the girls clean up the house in the Winx House Cleaning game! Contrary to popular belief, girls are also not always as clean as they themselves and others would like. And if the girls are also constantly busy saving the world, like the beauties of the Winx, then there is no time for everyday cleaning at all! However, neither the title of a superhero, nor five children, nor a very responsible job – nothing can free the girl from the obligation to keep her home clean and create real comfort there. And if you can’t clean often, while spending very little effort on each cleaning, you will have to put up with the fact that once a week you will have to roll up a grandiose cleaning – GENERAL CLEANING! Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort – but the result is worth it. Gameplay In the Winx House Cleanup game, the girls are asking you for help: they need to clean up the mess as quickly as possible, because the villains won't wait until they vacuum the carpets! Therefore, your help will be very appropriate. You have to go through several bright levels, each of which will introduce you to one room in the house of the Winx witches. Kitchen, bedroom – nothing should be missed! You need not only to throw all the garbage into the basket (crumpled pieces of paper, leftovers, etc.), but also put the necessary things in their places. But to distinguish the right things from outright garbage is a different task, and you will have to solve it yourself. However, the game will not allow you to throw out anything you need, just as it will not allow you to shift garbage from place to place – what is to be thrown away can only be moved to the trash can. Controls in the game Winx house cleaning Drag and drop items with the mouse. A correctly moved object "grows" to a new place, and it will no longer be possible to move it – this means that you did everything right.

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