Elsa Commuting Accident

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With the onset of summer, every year both boys and girls walk around with broken legs. Boys play football and often fall, and girls ride bicycles and fall too. But this is not scary, because the legs of each baby can be easily cured. To do this, you need to know how to provide medical care, and in this game we will do this. First you need to rinse the legs to remove dirt that can get into the wound, then apply ice so that the baby does not hurt, then treat with hydrogen peroxide to kill harmful microbes, then treat with iodine so that microbes no longer get into the wounds, and finally , seal with a medical plaster. If the case is serious and the bones are damaged, you need to take an x-ray to find out what is wrong, set the bones and apply plaster. If you know how to do all this – falls and bruises are not terrible, let the kids continue to frolic in the fresh air!

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