EvoWars io

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EvoWars.io is an exciting multiplayer survival action game in which you will control a brutal man with huge fists. Other equally brutal men scurry past him in the virtual world. Playing "Brutes io" is simple: you need to beat everyone who meets on the way, not letting them brush you off in return. Character movement – WASD buttons, enemy attack – space or Enter. If you expand Brutes.io to full screen, it will be more convenient to play. To knock out an oncoming monster, often-often press the attack key. To make your blow stronger, hold down the same key and hold for a while. That's how you gain strength. There are no crafting options in the game, but there are two important parameters: the stun indicator and the health indicator. To knock out the opponent, you need to disable the first one. And when someone knocks you out, making it impossible to go further, collect red growth balls to heal and get rid of the stun.

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