Fireboy and Watergirl 4 The Crystal Temple

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Fire Boy and Water Girl are once again on the threshold of yet another temple full of adventure and danger in Fireboy and Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple! Some of the characters just can't sit still. Apparently, these are the heroes of the cult game, or rather, a whole series of games Fire and Water – Boy-Fire and Girl-Water! At first glance, it seems rather strange that such different entities, capable of destroying each other with too close contact, generally find themselves on the same side of the barricades in joint adventures. However, as soon as we get to know these wonderful guys better, all doubts and misunderstandings disappear! Such a different nature does not prevent the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water from having many similarities in character, which turns out to be much more important for their friendship than what element each of them consists of. Inside, both of them have a truly fiery heart, and their perseverance in achieving their goals is comparable to the power and pressure of a water tsunami. And the fact that they are different even helps them overcome the obstacles that stand in their way! After all, the main thing that unites our heroes is their passion for various adventures and for learning something new every day! It is curiosity and the desire to overcome difficulties that lead friends to the temples of the elements, which were built by ancient people – now, unfortunately, completely abandoned shrines. However, although they have been empty for many hundreds of years, you can find a lot of interesting things there! Actually, this is what the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water are busy with. After all, the fact that they collect diamonds has nothing to do with looting: this is curiosity worthy of all admiration! And since our heroes are kind guys, they are happy to invite you to join their adventures. So, you have no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of walking through the galleries of the ancient sanctuary in the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple! Gameplay Each level is a new gallery of the mysterious Crystal Temple, built many thousands of years before our days. And since the ancients possessed knowledge inaccessible to modern people, something absolutely fantastic awaits you in the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4: in the Crystal Temple! By pressing the "Play" button, you find yourself near the map, on which all the levels of the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4: in the Crystal Temple are marked, which our heroes will have to go through with your help. The system of transitions between levels is very complex and highly branched. Often you find yourself in a situation where several new levels are available to you at once, and only you decide in what order to pass them! However, if you want consistency and a gradual increase in difficulty, you can use the hint that marks the serial numbers of the levels on the map and follow exactly this order! Note that each level is marked with a gem of its shape. In total, there are three different forms of stones on the map, and each of them indicates the task that the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water must complete in order to complete the stage. The most common shape is a regular hexagon. Under this designation, classic arcade levels are hidden, for the passage of which you need to guide both heroes from start to finish as quickly as possible and … that's it. Yes, in fact, this is where the rules and requirements end! No, of course, you still have to collect all the diamonds along the way, but not doing this is more difficult than doing it, to be honest. Because these diamonds are placed just on the path of the Boy-Fire and the Girl-Water. By the way, pay attention that diamonds in the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4: in the Crystal Temple come in different colors: red and blue! As you might guess, the red ones are for the Fire Boy, and the blue ones are for the Water Girl. And none of the heroes will succeed in grabbing a diamond that is not their own! There are also green diamonds, but more on them later. Also differ in the elements and obstacles. Since fire and water do not tolerate each other in real life, our heroes will have to put up with the fact that their native element does not tolerate their friendship. That is, despite the friendship with the Boy-Fire, the Girl-Water will die in the lake of fire, and the Boy-Fire, on the contrary, will die out when it gets into the water. But the native element will not harm the heroes. Unlike the disgusting green slime that kills them both! However, this rule (as well as others) is not very difficult to figure out, because during the game, hints appear every now and then, explaining how the game elements interact with each other. Often this is simply necessary, because the temple is full of mechanisms designed by its ancient inhabitants, and it is not always easy to figure them out without a hint! However, the management of interactive elements in the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4: in the Crystal Temple is quite intuitive. You do not need to press any additional keys to move the lever or press the button that sets the hidden mechanism in motion. If the level is marked with a gem in the form of a truncated triangle, this means that the same goal as in the previous case – to get to the finish doors as quickly as possible – our heroes must achieve by moving at the same time. Otherwise, the rules and conditions are the same as for the hexagonal levels. And finally, if the level is marked with a brilliant-cut diamond, wait for an exciting quest to find and extract a green diamond! Only by capturing the green diamond will the heroes be able to open the finishing doors and advance to the next level. Management in the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4: in the Crystal Temple The heroes are controlled from the keyboard. You can move both the Fire Boy and the Water Girl at the same time, because different keys are used to move the characters around the playing field! The Fire Boy obeys the commands given with the help of the control arrows, and the Water Girl will move if you press the WAD buttons.

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