Fruit Match 3

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The passage of the game "Vega mix: three in a row" will appeal to both children and adults. It is an excellent exercise for developing logical thinking, and at the same time introduces kids to the names of flowers, vegetables and fruits. How to play The gameplay of Vega Mix Match 3 is reminiscent of good old Tetris. The difference is that the action takes place either on a farm or in a country house. From above, fruits and vegetables are slowly lowered into the glass in threes. Using the arrow buttons, you can move them left and right, lower them down with acceleration, but the most important thing is to swap the fruits of the triple in places with each other. The task is to collect vertical, horizontal and broken lines (except diagonal ones) from three or more identical objects. The image of the next trio appears on the left side of the screen. Upon reaching a certain number of points, an automatic transition to the next stage occurs. It becomes more difficult to play there, as the speed of the triplets falling increases. But at higher levels, the greenhouse is replenished with new fruits.