FZ Traffic Jam

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The game for boys Cars allows you to feel like a real traffic controller. If you are not afraid of busy traffic and always strive to prevent dangerous situations, then the Cars game for boys was created just for you. Here you need to manage the flow of cars in a big city. As you know, in such cities the traffic is very busy, and sometimes on the roads (especially at intersections) serious emergencies can occur, leading to quite negative consequences. Therefore, you have to be in the role of a traffic controller who can control several streams of cars. Car game for boys: structure and rules Car game for boys consists of several levels that get more difficult as you progress. At each level, you will see a view of the city from above, or rather a crossroads, along which cars are constantly moving. There is a traffic light on one of the roads, and you can switch its color. In the case when the red light is on, cars moving on this road will stop, and other cars will be able to safely cross the intersection. Once the space is safe, you can switch the traffic light and the parked cars will start moving. All control is carried out by clicking on the mouse button, you just need to click on the traffic light to switch the color. Car game for boys: additional features In addition to the fact that you can drive a traffic light, you can use additional features at any time. In total, the game for boys Cars offers three bonuses: slowdown, acceleration and explosion. When using the slowdown, cars that interfere with your cars will move much more slowly. On the contrary, the use of acceleration will make cars faster, and they will have time to slip through the intersection. The explosion destroys interfering cars without affecting the ones you need. The number of uses of power-ups is limited, but the Cars game for boys allows you to purchase them after each level. To do this, you need to have enough money in your account. The store offers to buy one, five or ten opportunities to use each additional opportunity. To do this, you will have to spend 100, 300 or 500 coins, respectively. Using bonuses makes the game even more interesting and allows you to easily get out of difficult situations.

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