Gem Match Deluxe

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"Online game of gods: three in a row" – an exciting logic puzzle with a lot of unusual tasks and even some semblance of a plot. The user is invited to travel on a map of the ancient world and collect ancient treasures. Passage At each level of the game of the gods, you have to solve a classic puzzle for the "three in a row" genre: swap neighboring objects on the playing field so that as a result they form a vertical or horizontal chain of three or more identical gems. As soon as you manage to do this, the objects will disappear. To pass the level to the end and move on to the next, you need to "free" the jewels, surrounded on all sides by stones. This can only be done by destroying the same items and gradually lowering the treasures to the very bottom of the screen. By and large, in front of you is a typical match-3 game. Its main difference from others is that each subsequent level begins in a different part of the world. And this happens until the gamer gets the main treasure. A limited amount of time is given to complete the levels. You can follow him by the flask in the upper right corner of the screen. There is also a more sophisticated version of the game of the gods, but you will have to pay extra for it.