Gota io

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Gota io is an exciting multiplayer strategy game. More than 500 users from different parts of the world can play it at the same time. In fact, before you is a real life simulator, functioning on the principle: who is stronger, he is right. Its graphics are simple, like a Lego constructor. The rules of the game "Gota io" are similar to another strategic survival game – "". Start playing and you will see for yourself how much they have in common. The most tenacious bacterium Before you start, the game "" offers you to choose a nickname for your character. True, a small dot on the screen can hardly be called a full-fledged character. The dot symbolizes a bacterium surrounded by trillions of other microorganisms. Some of them are smaller than her, others are larger. To survive in "Gota io", try to stay away from the big players and attack the little ones. To eat another player, you need to catch up with him and cover yourself. Eating its neighbors, the dot grows stronger and increases in size. But at any second it can be devoured by bigger players. And here lies the ambush. As the size increases, the character's movement speed decreases. While the bacterium is small, it easily evades persecution. Actively feeding, a tiny dot turns into a large, unwieldy ball. Avoiding danger becomes more difficult. Keep this in mind when you decide to approach the larger members. Use the mouse to move the bacterium on the screen.

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