Granny Parkour

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According to the plot of the breathtaking Parkour game for boys, you have to go through a dangerous and very difficult obstacle course, which seem to be specially made to interfere with your movement. You ended up in the attic of an abandoned building full of beams, garbage and empty cans of energy drinks that you need to pick up and finish drinking in order to run further. The moment you run out of energy, you fall powerless. The game will be over at this second, you will have to start over. Energy is taken away from you by the movement itself, when you hit the beams, it is doubly reduced, your hero flashes red and slows down. Energy cans that you need to collect are colored yellow, have an E-shaped icon on their side and are located in different places, often hard to reach for our hero. The character has 4 moves that you can order him to perform. This is a high jump – up arrow, long jump – left arrow, sliding – down arrow, superman pose in flight – left arrow. After passing the game Parkour for boys, a pleasant surprise awaits you.

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