Heads Arena Euro Soccer

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Funny game Football heads 3 will certainly give you a lot of positive emotions and impressions. In this game you have to take part in a football competition, which takes place in a rather unusual format. Only two players compete here, and they look very funny: the character consists of only a head and one leg. It is with this foot that the game Football Heads 3 offers to kick the ball. You need to try to score a goal into the opponent's goal, while not forgetting to defend your goal. Periodically, bonuses will appear in the air, they can be taken by sending the ball in their direction. But it is worth remembering that not all bonuses are able to give useful features. For example, red icons are best left alone, because they, on the contrary, will only bring negative. The match lasts for a limited amount of time, and you should score as many goals as possible in two minutes, which should ultimately bring you victory. Kick the ball, don't forget about bonuses and guard your goal!

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