Heart Bypass Surgery

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The plot of the wonderful game Heart Surgery is a continuation of the adventures of a novice doctor from the toy “Operations in Russian”, which you already know. Ready to work one more time in the company of a serious highly professional Laura? Then put on your robe and get started. Today's working day promises to be hot and eventful. The morning will begin with a rather laborious and complex operation. A patient with heart problems came to your department – a girl named Lucy. There is no need for urgent surgical intervention. So, with the help of the Heart Surgery game, you will again find yourself in the operating room and save lives. Agree, an exciting feeling. But there is also a lot of responsibility. And even if it's just a game, do everything possible and impossible for the patient to survive. Faithful Laura to help you. Concentrate, just follow her instructions – and everything will be fine. Good luck! Game controls Operation on the heart It is very simple. All you need is a cursor on the screen and a mouse in your hand. The first part of the Heart Surgery game traditionally consists of test questions in which you will have to choose the correct answer from several proposed ones. If you can handle it, you will move on to the next stage, that is, to the operation itself. Further, following the instructions of Laura, you will select the necessary tools and you will perform actions in strict accordance with the instructions received. No initiative unless you want to kill the patient. Don't forget, Lucy's life is in your hands. Make it long, long.

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