Hill Climb Tractor 2020

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Want to try something unusual? Then the game for boys Tractors is exactly what you need! In this game you have to ride a tractor. Naturally, you will have to move on it off-road, because it is for such places that these vehicles were created. On the way will constantly come across obstacles that must be overcome in order to prevent the explosion of your beast machine. If the device is still damaged, then the game for boys Tractors will immediately be over, and you will have to start it from the beginning. The game consists of several levels, and you can get to each next stage after you pass the current one. Of course, at each level there will be more and more new opportunities and new obstacles, which will make the game even more interesting or varied. On some sections of the route you will see road signs that will warn you about this or that obstacle. For example, such signs stand before each steep descent or ascent.

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