Horse Care And Riding

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Thanks to the possibilities of the Horse Care game, you can become the owner of a real farm ranch. It is in this form that they exist in the wild American West. But ranch management is not only a picturesque rural exotic, but also exhausting daily work. To make your farm profitable, horses need a lot of and constant care. How to do this, we will describe below. Rules of the game Caring for horses Your main task is to make the horses happy. No more, no less. This means that they must be healthy, well-fed, clean and cheerful. To do this, you will have to feed them daily with freshly mowed hay, give them clean well water to drink, comb their manes with special combs, clean their hair with towels and brushes several times a day. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the stable, sweep the floor in it every couple of hours and carry out wet cleaning a little less often. In addition to all the daily worries, horses can get sick, and you will have to treat them with injections of special drugs prescribed by the veterinarian. In total there are four levels in the game, each subsequent of which is an order of magnitude more difficult than the previous one. To win, you will have to be extremely collected and attentive, monitor the slightest changes in the state and mood of each of your wards. A huge thermometer with a scale will help you with this. These thermometers are near each feeder. By fluctuations in its level, you can track how the animal's well-being is changing and take measures to improve it, if necessary.

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