Jewel Legend 2

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Treasure Legend 2 is an exciting match-3 logic puzzle game with beautiful music and stunning graphics. In it you need to be smart and find the answer to the secrets of the ancient Aztecs. How to play After starting, a rectangular board with jewels placed on it will appear on the screen. Your task is to find among them those that formed straight lines of three or more identical elements, or create them yourself. This is done simply: click on the adjacent figures with the mouse and swap them. It is impossible to make a mistake: if the desired line does not appear in the result of the move, the fragments will remain in their places. Correctly formed rows will disappear, causing all figures on the screen to be displaced. For each deleted row you are awarded points. The more of them, the higher the chance to go to the next level of the game. The difficulty is that the online rebus "Legend of Treasure 2" has a time limit. As soon as the time allotted for the passage is over, the scoring will begin. If they are not enough, the level will have to be completed again. Playing "The Legend of Treasure 2" is offered for free, but it is more convenient to do this by expanding the puzzle to full screen.