Keep Clean

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Keep Clean game is a children's simulator of repairing and cleaning a beach recreation area. To start playing, click "Play", and then – the arrow in the lower right corner of the game. You will see a map of the territory that needs to be removed. Click on the number "1" and take care of the boat. Cut off the ivy with which the boat has grown with scissors. Pull out the knots with tongs and seal the cuts from them with adhesive tape. Wipe off dirt and green vegetation with a rag. Next, press point "2" and start repairing and cleaning the water scooter. Immediately take the spray can and bring it to the places of fire to put out the fire. Then wipe off the stains with a rag and polish with a special tool. You will find everything you need for work on the toolbar on the left. Then click on the screwdriver and in the window that opens, find 3 spare parts (spring, nut) and transfer them to their image at the top of the list.

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