Kitty Scramble

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The game "Kotovasia" "Kitty Scramble" is a letter puzzle in Russian, popular in social networks, in which you, together with an erudite cat, will form words from letters. In the list of levels, press the number and start playing. The game will immediately show the instructions. In front of you on the screen, cubes are poured out and a task is given. For example, look for drinks or three-letter words. If you can't guess, click on the light bulb for a hint – and a letter will appear in the cell. Look for a word among the cubes, hold down the left mouse button and move over it to select it. It will disappear from the board and the cubes will regroup. Then look for the following. You will receive rewards for a well-executed "Kotovasia" mission. Coins will open the function of mixing blocks. Click on the button with the crossed arrows on the right.

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