Kogama Побег из школы

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To successfully complete Kogama: Escape from School, the dexterity that helped you out in other projects in the Kogama series is not enough. During the escape game, you will have to solve puzzles. The good news is that in this part of "Kogama" all the inscriptions are made in Russian, which means that you can use hints to make it easier to play. Escape from the school begins in a small corridor blocked by bars. On the right side there is a rack with boxes. One of them, if you jump on top, will open a passage to the ventilation. From it, the character will go to the next stage. Do not forget to touch the flag at the save point, otherwise, in case of death, you will have to run away from the very beginning. Then there is a long way to the city away from the school. The game is distributed free of charge.

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