Kogama D-Day

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Unusual horror quest "Roblox: 5 Nights with Freddy" will appeal to fans of moderately scary horror movies. Thrill-seekers are invited to spend five nights in an abandoned parking lot where strange things are happening. You will have to manage not an animatronic robot, but an old car, which for some reason parks all the time at night. There will be no fights and blood, but ingenuity will be needed. Following the on-screen arrows, control the car with the WASD keys and park it in the indicated places. If you do everything right, you will earn a gold star and bonus coins. When the latter accumulate enough, you can change the old car to a more luxurious one. The Roblox game about Freddy bear and vintage cars consists of 4 maps and 8 game locations on each. You need to go through them all, earning as many points as possible.

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