Kogama Escape From Prison

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Roblox Jailbreak is an addictive multiplayer open world sandbox game. It also contains elements of a quest, a shooter and a gambling fighting game. If you want to break away from the soul, the best thing to do is start playing Roblox: Prison Break. Basic rules Before starting the game "Roblox: Jailbreak" offers you to choose who you want to play as. There are two teams: yellow and blue. The first are criminals who are winding their sentences, the second are the policemen who protect them. It is clear that life in prison is not sugar, and the prisoners are trying with all their might to escape from here. The task of the police is to prevent them from doing this. Think about whose position is closer to you, and rather join the game. The prison in Roblox consists of a huge number of locations. It won't be easy to escape from here. Moreover, the police have an advantage over the second team – they are armed. The prisoners, having escaped from the cell, may also find a knife or a pistol, but there are no guarantees. Outwardly, all the participants in the game look like small robots and differ only in the color of their clothes. To move the heroes around the screen, use the WASD keys, shots and attack – the left mouse button. You can upgrade your character in Roblox: Jailbreak almost for free: money is credited to your virtual account all the time you are in the game – spend as much as you want.

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