Kogama Escape School

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Roblox School Escape is available to users from all over the world. They communicate with each other in a special chat. To enter it, press the T button. Immediately after the launch, participants enter the school assembled from Lego blocks – “Kogama high school”. Moving the cursor across the screen, you can see its corridors, classrooms, gym and green garden. The goal of Roblox School Escape is to leave the school you hate. To do this, you need to find a secret flag, kill 70 participating robots and break 150 oculi (strange creatures resembling eyes on legs). And since killing and cutting without a weapon is inconvenient, you will have to go through parkour and get a huge sword as a reward. To complete Roblox: School Escape, you can choose one of five game modes, including PvP, which is popular in Minecraft. But whatever you choose, it's important to beware of the hostile environment – areas of bright green blocks exuding noxious fumes. It is worth stepping on them, you will get bogged down, as in a swamp, and you will quickly die.

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