Kogama Fidget Spinner Escape

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The addictive sandbox game Roblox Spinner Escape invites you to a 3D world built from Lego blocks. Ahead are dizzying adventures, unusual maps, traps and dangers. The player is required to get out of all this alive. How to play Immediately after launch, you will find yourself on a small patch of land, around which an unfriendly environment is raging – a signature feature of the Kogama toy series. It is easily recognizable by its poisonous green color and fumes rising up. You can’t touch it – your character is a small robot, it will die right there. Stay where you are and don't make sudden movements. A huge fidget will carry you over the poisonous space of Roblox and land you on a huge three-dimensional location. This is where the real game begins. It is available in two modes: construction and PvP. A lot of different-sized blocks are scattered across the map. You can use them for free in any quantity. If you select the PvP mode, you will see two types of boxes on the screen: some are toxic – it is better not to touch them so as not to die, the second are healing. Collect them as soon as you notice that the life bar in the upper left corner of the screen has crept to zero. Playing Roblox Spinner Escape is simple: move around the screen by pressing the WASD keys, shoot with the letter V or left click, level up and stay away from the poisonous green environment.

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