Kogama Freddie

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The multiplayer game "Roblox fnaf" is a chaotic mix of all parts of the popular horror "5 Nights at Freddy's". After starting, you find yourself in a three-dimensional space, assembled from blocks, and you get the opportunity to choose one of four cards. Each is stylized under the entourage of the corresponding part of the FNAF. There is a separate map for battles with animatronics and a runner with Foxy. Roblox fnaf participants are divided into two teams. Both of them are like little robots. Game events develop in PvP mode: representatives of different groups desperately mutuzyat each other. To move to a new level, you need to kill 25 people from the other team and collect 21 gold stars. To control the character, use the keys with the letters WASD, attack enemies with the left mouse button. Of the weapons in Roblox fnaf 1, the heroes only have swords.

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