Kogama Minions Parcour

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The colorful multiplayer sandbox "Roblox Despicable Me 3" is a mix of three popular entertainments: Lego constructor, Minecraft game and cartoon about yellow minions. The protagonist is a small angular robot traveling through a three-dimensional world of square blocks. Rules As soon as you start playing Roblox Despicable Me 3, you will find yourself in a huge location. It's full of other users and giant minions. The latter sell blocks for building houses. Feel free to buy as much as you need. Moreover, users always have a lot of money in Roblox: Despicable Me 3. They are calculated automatically all the time while the gamer is in the game. Another feature of the Roblox Despicable Me 3 sandbox in complete freedom of action. You can choose what to do. The sandbox offers five fun modes similar to those used in Minecraft. For example, you can choose Skyblock and go build houses on a floating island, swim in the pool or take part in PvP, fighting to the death with other players. The transition to the mode you like is carried out through a teleport. You can also get into the "Information" and "Market" sections. To move your robot around the locations, use the WASD keys. Shoot enemies with the left mouse button and the letter V. While exploring the map, stay away from poisonous green blocks that exude an unpleasant intense aroma. This is the hostile environment of Roblox: Despicable Me 3. Stepping on it, you will get stuck, you will not be able to get out, you will inhale harmful fumes and die. You can restart the game by pressing the K key.

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