Kogama Parkour Batman 17lvl

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The game with three-dimensional graphics offers to control a funny little man with a square head. Third person view. There are many adventures ahead, but you can choose which one will be the first. The passage begins with a large strange room. It has one main entrance and several teleport portals along the walls. The main exit is blocked by a veil of poisonous fog. Behind it is a bridge to the first level of parkour (this adventure is considered the main one). The bridge is also not easy: it is divided into alternating strips of ordinary stone and acid. It will be very difficult to pass it to the end. But you can not walk on it, but immediately move through teleports to other rooms. For example, in a shooting range where players are attacked by targets (weapons are scattered everywhere in the shooting range – choose what you like). And you can fight with other users in the PVP hall. Take your pick and have fun.

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