Kogama: Shooter

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The gameplay of the Crafting Survival game is reminiscent of the popular Minecraft sandbox: the same cubic landscapes, the need to explore the world and craft useful items. To survive, you need to build housing, provide yourself with food and learn how to handle weapons – everything is like in the "survival" mode of Minecraft. Multi-colored blocks are useful for construction – there are plenty of them at each location. Food must be found – it is also enough around. To keep the weapon in working order, replenish the supply of ammunition (small blocks) in time. For crafting, use everything that comes to hand. Control the character with the WASD keys, M – enter the menu, H – improve graphics, space – jumps. Multiplayer crafting and survival game, more than 500 people can participate in it at the same time. Trust me, it won't be boring.

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