Kogama The Logic Game

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Kogama 2 is a rather difficult but exciting adventure that you can play online. Gameplay As in all Kogama projects, the view in the game from a third person, three-dimensional graphics. Kogama 2 is a multiplayer project. Competitors cannot be killed. The winner is the one who first fulfills all the conditions: raises the flag and collects the required number of stars. The passage is divided into levels. Access to each of them is provided not for free, but for the collected stars (the number is indicated above the portal to the level). The first star is located at the main location of the game, but it is very difficult to get to it. It is better to first move through the teleport to a special observation room and assess the situation, learn about the traps of the map, surveying everything from a height. You can write to the chat in Russian. If the leader is your friend, he can tell you how to play correctly so as not to die. Since you will have to act online, you will need a stable internet connection and a good data transfer speed.

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