Legendary Sniper

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The game Sniper Shooting: Cleansing the city from enemies will make you feel like a key link in a real military operation! When conducting a combat operation, it is very important to risk personnel as little as possible. People are not robots and not a resource, and therefore they must be treated like human beings, not throwing them to attack a fortified enemy village, where a couple of well-trained soldiers sit in every yard! Of course, there have always been and will be commanders who perceive their rank and file (and especially conscripts, conscripts) simply as cannon fodder, they say, these will run out – new ones will be sent. But this does not mean that such a position is correct: after all, every soldier has a mother, many have girls and wives, perhaps even children. Every soldier is expected at home – they cannot be allowed to die simply due to the fact that appropriate preparations were not made before an important attack! Actually, at all times those commanders were considered the best who treated their subordinates as if they were their own: they didn’t throw a fool under the bullets, but first preferred to carry out high-quality reconnaissance or even clean up the territory into which the infantry should be withdrawn! Gameplay It is in this pre-cleansing that you take part in the game Sniper Shooting: Cleaning the city from enemies! Moreover, you are even in relative safety, as you look through the piece of territory entrusted to you through an optical tube and shoot enemies, being at some distance. Before you shoot for the first time, no one will even know that you exist in this world, and therefore not a single sniper will try to “shoot” you. But, as soon as the first shot is fired, all the enemies from the area you are clearing will instantly become alert and begin to peer into the distance: where will the head of an unknown sniper flash? The search will take them quite a lot of time, because no one doubts that you are a real master of disguise! However, sooner or later your location will still be declassified, and then the enemies will find something to answer you with. That is why you need to try to kill everyone before you are noticed: keep track of the time you have left on the progress bar in the upper left corner of the playing field! At the beginning of the level, you are shown a square (well, not exactly a "square" – just an area of indefinite shape), on which you have to look for enemies. Unfortunately, when switching to the spyglass mode, you can completely get lost in space and not understand whether you are still within the boundaries of your site, or have long gone beyond them. Move away often and check where you are now, if necessary, return back to your site. In inactive areas, by the way, you don’t see any soldiers – this is your small bonus compared to the task that is set during the fighting for a real sniper. Another significant plus: you always know exactly how many people and in what rank there are in the cleared territory! This means that you know for sure whether it is worth peering into the area to the pain in your eyes, looking for hidden opponents there, or the square is already empty, and you can move on to the next one. Controls in the game Shooting sniper: Cleansing the city from enemies First of all, go from contemplating the general plan of the village to a detailed view through a telescope. Only in this position can you see the enemies!! To zoom in on a piece of land, move the red mouse over it and click. Aim and shoot with the left mouse button! And hurry up, you don't have as much time as it seems at first.

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