Lost Alone Zombie Land

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The online game "Stalker" is a gambling browser-based shooter with a clear drawing of details and a dynamically developing plot. Play to be in the cemetery. Overview of the location from above. The protagonist is a soldier who finds himself alone among tombstones and tombs. And his troubles are just beginning. As soon as the sun hides behind the horizon, hungry ghouls crawl out of old graves. Guess where they're going? Of course, to the unfortunate serviceman. Your task is to prevent the monsters from eating it. Creatures will have to be ruthlessly wetted. The trouble is that when you start playing the Stalker game, you only have a revolver as a weapon. To change it to something more serious, you need to pump the hero. Not a single upgrade in the Stalker world can be obtained for free. But bonuses drop out of killed zombies. When enough of them accumulate, you will get the opportunity to buy more powerful weapons and protection for the soldier. The main thing is to survive until this moment. To move around the map, use the WASD keys, shoot zombies with the left mouse button.

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