Mahjong Jungle World

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Mahjong Jungle World is an addictive jungle-themed mahjong puzzle game in which you will demolish pyramids against the clock. To start the game, press "Tap To Start" and the arrow on the right. In the list of levels, click on the first one. Before you will appear a pyramid of blocks, decorated with pictures on the theme of the jungle. Take it apart to the ground in 10 minutes. To do this, find on the field a pair of blocks with an identical pattern. Note that only those tiles that have at least one side open are removed. These are usually located at the edges or corners of the structure. Blocks clamped on both sides by neighboring ones are not deleted. You will find these in the middle. There are no bonuses in the game, so you have to disassemble the structure yourself. For each eliminated pair you will receive points.

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