Masha And The Bear Cleaning

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The online game "Masha and the Bear Cleaning" invites girls to play the role of hostesses and help the cartoon heroine clean up the house and do the laundry. Today the Bear went fishing for the whole day, so Masha decided to arrange a general cleaning. In the first level of the game you need to clean up the room. Put things in their places. Click on a toy, a mirror, a teapot and put it in the indicated place. Then get down to cleaning: sweep away the dirt with a broom, pour detergent into the bucket and mop the floor with a mop, wipe the stains from the walls. When it's clean, do laundry. Pour water into the basin, take a washboard, lather and wash Masha's sundress. In general, redo all household chores in the game until the Bear returns.

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