Master Checkers Multiplayer

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A luxurious gift for gamers-intellectuals – new games for two Checkers, will make you forget about everything in the world for a long time. Except, of course, the playing field and worries about what your virtual opponent is up to. Or real, if you like. The beauty of this wonderful game is that you can play it in two ways: against an inanimate computer and against your best friend. A good way to check whose intelligence is higher: human or machine. And about a friend: it was high time to find out which of you is smarter. Rules of the game for two Checkers They are almost no different from the traditional ones. The only nuance (which, however, occurs in real life) in our checkers, if you have a choice: make a move, “eating” an opponent’s piece or just go neutrally to a free cell, consider that you don’t have it. You will definitely have to "beat" someone else's piece. Why is that a useless question. Such rules were established for the game for two Checkers by the developers. But in all other respects, these are “classic” checkers, familiar to everyone and dearly loved. But you can't play Chapaev with them. Therefore, it will have to be used traditionally. Walk diagonally one cell forward, try to "eat up" as many opponent's pieces as possible and strive to get into the "kings" as quickly as possible, so that the opponent does not succeed in a similar trick. A mini-retreat for complete checkers lamers (if such, of course, exist in nature) If you haven't seen checkers before today, you can't do without explaining some terms. So. Your coolest checker is the “lady”. It appears when you manage to bring an ordinary piece to the extreme opposite line of the playing field, that is, almost to the very rear of the opponent. As soon as your checker reaches the cherished cell, a small white star will light up on it. It will mean only one thing – cheers, you are in the "kings". The capabilities of the “King” are far superior to anything that a regular figure can do. That is, she also walks diagonally, but not one cell forward, but as much as she wants. Accordingly, it can “eat up” enemies anywhere if they are unlucky to be on the same diagonal with it. Also, like a regular checker, the “king” can eat several enemy pieces in one move. At the same time, it is still not limited by the move rule to only one cell. Therefore, as soon as your opponent has a “king”, you will have to become twice as focused and look both ways. The winner of the game for two Checkers is the one who manages to be the first to "eat" all the opponent's pieces. We really hope that you will be. Good luck!

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