Merge Candy Saga

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The game "Merge Candy Saga" – interesting candy puzzles "Three in a row" to complete tasks. The game has two mods – classic and timed. To enter the standard, press "Play" and go to the first level. At the bottom, the types of candies that need to be collected and the specified amount are shown. The number of moves is displayed at the top left. For example, you need to collect 8 green, 16 red and 15 blue candies in 25 moves. To do this, you need to make sweets in groups of 3 pcs. Find nearby ones, hold down the left mouse button and swap with neighboring ones to add groups. Some moves will cause a massive collapse. To play against the clock, click on "Time Rush". Here, simply match the lollipops 3 in a row to score more points in the allotted time.